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We Find the Candidates for You

INA’s admissions team works together with a point person designated from each facility to find CNA candidates that want to work at your location. We set up interviews based on the facility’s interviewing availability at no cost. With our easy enrollment process, the facilities contact person only has to send us an email to get students registered for our upcoming class.

Zero Net Loss

The L.E.A.P program was designed for nursing facilities to ensure cost effective, and retention focused hiring. Our program is made to support facilities in hiring and investing in their ideal CNA.

Instant Staffing Relief

In our 10-week course it will consist of 10 theory classes and 5 clinical classes ensuring that the students have a clear grasp of the responsibilities and duties required for the CNA position. At the end of the class, INA will provide certificates of completion to the students.

Valerie Jones

Admissions Director

Phone : (530)278-6529



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